Taewon Yun and the secret to Vainglory’s success

Everyone was surprised when they heard Taewon Yun was joining Super Evil Megacorp, a small mobile game company. Super Evil Megacorp is now well-known for developing Vainglory, but back when Taewon Yun just joined the company, Vainglory was not a famous game. The impressions that Vainglory left were: the game has nice graphics for a mobile game, and the game is a hardcore game unlike other mobile games. Taewon Yun and Super Evil Megacorp believed that some people enjoy casual gaming, there is room in the industry for more serious hardcore gamers.  After years of effort and improving its unique traits, Vainglory is now arguably best mobile MOBA game.

This was not just due to Vainglory being an authentic game with high quality graphics; it was because Vainglory was caught within the flow of eSports. Vainglory is a competitive game, so entering the eSports scene was not hard for Vainglory. Vainglory recently added a 5vs5 mode in an effort to become a major eSports game and not just a mobile eSports game. Vainglory successfully debuted in the eSports scene, but there are many other games that Vainglory has to compete against. The eSports scene for mobile games in China and other Asian regions is growing, and the situation is different from when Vainglory first came out and the mobile eSports scene was at its infancy.

Vainglory is now a game that represents mobile game eSports, but is seeking something beyond that title. With his 20 years of experience in the game industry and his work on Vainglory, Taewon Yun has developed a keen insight that few have.

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Taewon Yun and the secret to Vainglory successWelcome to the Jungle

The jungle is a cosy place and easy to understand, even if you’re new to Super Evil Megacorp’s game. Jungling in 5v5 will surely take time to understand, but with the right knowledge about camps and objectives, amazing things can happen when you’re a jungler. Before discussing about strategies however, we need to know what’s different in the brand new jungle. The jungle on the new 5v5 map can be divide into the top jungle and the bottom jungle. As you can see, each jungle has different kinds of camps, but you have to worry about the mirror system which will reflect your bottom jungle as the top jungle of the enemy’s team, and vice versa, your top jungle will be the bottom jungle for enemies.

The new camps are the Buff treant and Gold toad. These have a specific spawn point in every jungle. Special jungle buffs are easy to recognize, heroes will carry them in one of their hands. There’s not much to say about these treants, taking them will grant you with 35 gold, with their spawn points being close to the top and bottom lanes and the jungle shop. Apart from the jungle camps and other objectives such as the turrets and armouries, the Sovereign’s Rise surprised us with two beautiful and powerful dragons too.

Advices to succeed in the jungle We highly recommend the first rotation as a jungler, to take it with your bottom laner if you plan to begin cleaning camps in the bottom jungle, or take the top/mid laner with you if you want to start from the top jungle. Stealing camps from the enemy’s jungle is an option to level up faster. If one of the enemies died and had the jungle buff, the buff will fall to the ground.

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