Echo Fox Signs New Vainglory Roster

Echo Fox, the premier esports organization, is pleased to announce the addition of a Vainglory team to its roster of professional teams. Competitive mobile games are new to the esports world, but Vainglory is a AAA quality game that can now be played anywhere. As the first mobile game for which the team has signed a roster, Echo Fox’s investment into Vainglory is unprecedented. The organization’s entry onto the Vainglory scene comes from a belief that mobile games are the next frontier for esports. Echo Fox is committed to fielding a championship winning team and will offer its new players the best organizational support in Vainglory.

Echo Fox Vainglory will also promote a new level of fan engagement on a weekly basis through streaming and social media activities that are innovative and immersive. With seven championships split between the new roster’s members, we’re confident that Echo Fox will be the team to beat in Vainglory, and FooJee has similar expectations. MICSHE’s Vainglory career began in Autumn 2015 when he started the team Ardent Alliance. The team went on to win the second season of the Vainglory International Premier League. MICSHE is a three-time Vainglory champion looking forward to another win as he commits to the game full time.

CullTheMeek a four-time champion, has been playing Vainglory since 2015 with teams like TSM and GankStars Sirius. CullTheMeek has also decided to commit to playing Vainglory full-time in hopes of helping Echo Fox take a championship home.

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Vainglory team Infamous joins the Renegades family

Southeast Asia’s Team Infamous is joining the Detroit Renegades, an esports organization headquartered in North America. The Vainglory team will bear their new Team Renegades moniker at the upcoming 2017 World Championship in Singapore this December, where they will help unveil the game’s anticipated 5v5 mode in a showcase match. Infamous are a young but widely-known force in the growing Vainglory community. Their history charts back to Season 2 of the International Premier League with a series of top 3 wins, in addition to a sixth-place finish at the inaugural World Championship last year. They placed second at the SEA Summer Championship, losing to Team Impunity from Singapore.

They soon got their revenge at the recent SEA Mobile Major 2017, where they claimed the championship in a 2-1 victory.   The Vainglory World Championship 2017 will be held at Singapore’s Kallang Theatre from 14 to 17 December, where the top 12 finalists from around the world will compete for a US$140,000 prize pool. Registrations for the free entry tickets are now open. Those itching to spend can drop S$100 for a pre-order package that includes an exclusive hoodie, event t-shirt, and the daily free gifts.

Even if you can’t attend, this is a global event – livestreams for all three days will be up and running on the official Vainglory Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels.

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