Sixers Star Obsessed with PUBG, other eSports Oddities

Karl-Anthony Towns to girlfriend ‘Can I play ‘PUBG’ after our big win?’

The funniest part is it turns out the Sixers rookie was right. He even set a franchise record by dropping 56 points, along with 15 rebounds, in Minnesota’s 126-114 win over Atlanta. Towns tweeted at his girlfriend, Kawahine Andrade, and asked her if he could play more PUBG. She said of course he can after having such an amazing game. He got another from Simmons, who just wants to play more video games.

PUBG is one of a number of eSports games to quickly gain popularity among pro athletes.

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Sixers Star obsessed with PUBGPUBG Hack Progam Developers Arrested and Fined Over $5 Million

Hackers have put themselves at risk for the sake of a chicken dinner. In an update on its latest anti-cheat efforts, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole has released information on 15 hackers’ arrests made last week. PUBG has been plagued by cheaters for months now, with the studio implementing anti-cheat measures to tackle the problem.

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PC Hardware Manufacturer Cases, Cooling, Fan Control, Motherboards and PC Monitoring

NZXT and Bluehole Studio Inc. are joining forces with Gamer’s Outreach to bring the iconic AirDrop crate from PlayerUnknown’s Battleground to your desk. This limited edition, USA-only exclusive mid-tower case is styled to look like the mighty AirDrop feature found in PUBG. Now you can house your most valuable PC components in an all-steel cargo crate that’s nearly as hard to get as the in-game version.

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Microsoft is bundling PUBG with the Xbox One X

Getting battle royale sensation PUBG on the Xbox One was a major coup for Microsoft, and now the company is exploiting that by bundling the game with the Xbox One X over the holidays. Microsoft says that more than 1 million players purchased the game in its first 48 hours of availability; the original PC version recently crossed the 20 million sales threshold.

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Have we turned the corner with PUBG, thanks to the PTS?

It seems that everyone is universally happy with the optimization improvements from the PTS build, we got to play a new map that most seem to enjoy, the next patch is apparently close at hand along with an update to the PTS experience. The tone on the subreddit the last few days is the most positive/optimistic that I’ve seen since I joined 3 months ago.

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PubG: The story behind one of the world’s most popular games

From small beginnings the game has sold more than 20 million copies, is one of the most talked about titles online and has caught the imaginations of both players and the industry. Radio 1’s Gaming Show visits the game’s studio in Seoul for an exclusive tour and to meet the man behind it all – Player Unknown himself.

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Florida Man Stabs Friend For Saying PUBG Is Better Than Fortnite

Rew Lee, 19, reportedly stabbed his friend David Owen, 20, twice for saying PUBG was better than his favorite game-fortnite. If found guilty, Andrew can serve up to a minimum 10 years in Prison for attempted murder in the second degree. David is expected to survive and be out of the hospital in a few weeks.

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