Global PUBG Tournament Coming this Summer!

Twenty professional teams from around the world will compete for a $2 million prize pool, PUBG Corp. said in a press release Monday.

Taking its first major steps into the world of esports, PUBG Corp. has this week announced the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 set to take place in just three months. This will be the first major tournament hosted by PUBG Corp., although the game has featured in several major esports tournaments in the past, including IEM Oakland, DreamHack, and Gamescom Invitational.  They will be selected via regional qualifying tournaments hosted in North America, Europe, and Asia through the beginning of July. Gameplay during the invitational will consist of four-player squad battles in third-person perspective held on July 25 and 26, followed by first-person perspective matches on July 28 and 29 and hosted in Berlin, so get your plane tickets ready! A winning team will be crowned for each perspective mode.

It’s sold more than 30 million copies and is reportedly Steam’s third best-selling game. PUBG Corp. said it will release information on ticket sales, venue, and regional qualifiers at a later date.

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PUBG Mobile Review Roundup: It's PerfectPUBG Mobile Review Roundup: It’s Perfect

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out on iOS and Android, and the first reviews look like publisher Tencent’s won itself a chicken dinner. Across the board, critics note how impressively this port captures the spirit of the original battle royal game. Their one issue is that the controls can be difficult on a smartphone’s touch screen. Polygon’s Charlie Hall is enjoying PUBG Mobile, and he’s surprised by how well it runs on his older phone. Over at Android Police, Matthew Sholtz side-loaded PUBG Mobile onto his device, and discovered that external gamepad support isn’t quite there yet. PC Gamer’s Steven Messner is impressed by the mobile port, but he isn’t leaving his PC version behind.

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PUBG’s Miramar map: Why it’s not being used for esports

Miramar is a new place to learn, with its own loot spots to discover, hidey-holes to find and strategies to develop. It would make sense that in order to give players the fairest sense of competition, as well encourage the highest level of play, the most well-known map should be used. Add to that, as the game is trying to establish itself as an esport, tournament organisers want to stick with a map that’s already been established within the game and its competitive community. Still, that decision wouldn’t have been made if they hadn’t received feedback from players asking them to drop the game’s latest warzone.

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