A smaller PUBG map and other changes mean big things

Earlier this month, PUBG creator Brendan Greene shared a roadmap for the ultra-popular battle royale game in 2018. Greene promised players that they would have a chance to get their hands on the new map earlier than they did the desert map in order to give them more time to provide input to developers. Then on Friday at GDC 2018, Greene shared the first in-game footage of the map in action. In a one year anniversary video shared on YouTube today, PUBG Corporation announced that public testing for the 4×4 map will begin in early April. Now that the game has been officially launched on PC and early access testing is underway on Xbox One, the team wants to get back to working on new features for PUBG again.

Other changes to the PUBG coming soon are in the notorious Update 12, including a handful of new items. The most important one is probably the SLR, which is a marksman rifle that’s more powerful and more unwieldy than the SKS. There are also 3x and 6x scopes, a bunch of new grips, and a muscle car.   Some of the most substantial changes to PUBG concern existing items. Level 3 helmets can now be found exclusively in airdrops.  Update 12 adds the ability to pick which map you want to play, and since PUBG’s maps are  enormous, necessitating vehicles to get from one side of the map to the other, it’s game on! Almost every weapon has been slightly buffed or nerfed, and the widespread effect is that assault rifles do less damage and submachine guns do more damage.

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smaller PUBG map and changes mean big thingsNew to PUBG? These Tips Will Help Keep You Alive

While more seasoned players will certainly have a leg up, PUBG is still worth trying out; even if it’s just to see what the fuss is all about. Unless you’re playing with others, it’s a good idea to land directly inside of small towns. Any player not protected by cover runs the risk of being blown to pieces. Smart players will use the circles to their advantage. If you know where the next play location is, you can also situate yourself in a bottleneck area and pick off players trying to get into the white circle.

Just as with sight, sound plays an important part in PUBG. You’ll either want to turn up the volume on your monitor/TV or wear a really good pair of headphones, since the noises of the game can give players audio cues that can mean the difference between survival and stupidty. In addition to finding items in buildings, you can also scavenge them off dead players. Players will naturally want to investigate a building with an open door in order to kill whoever is inside.

Learn to anticipate what other players will do, and get comfortable with the game.  Most of the time you’re better off playing nice and slow. Don’t worry so much about wins right away, but playing well, and you’ll do loads better over time.  With 100 players on each map, you don’t need to do much to see that number dwindle.

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