The Best Fortnite Skins So Far

Fortnite skins come in many shapes and sizes, and all of them exhibit artistic merit in some capacity. Not all skins are created equal, and some are just a bit more exciting, original or cool than their peers. Such is the case with the skins on this list, the likes of which rise above the others and introduce a new degree of style and sophistication to Fortnite’s colorful battle royale arena. From zany teddy bears to Arthurian knights, we’ve rounded up the very best of Fortnite’s vast skins selection. Read more at the link!

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fortnite best skins

Save the World Development Roadmap

We’ve got more mapped roads for your review! Since the last update we’ve released v.4.2 which introduced the Perk Recombobulator, added the option to upgrade Schematics, and introduced the Quad Launcher! We always appreciate your feedback, please keep it coming, and thank you for helping to make Fortnite such an awesome world to play in! Blockbuster Event Part 2 of this incredible quadrilogy – Spitfire’s story comes to an epic conclusion and a new mythic hero is born!

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UMBC upsets Virginia: Player compares win to beating Fortnite

Apparently, it’s just like winning in Fortnite for the first time. For you all you elders wondering what the heck Fortnite is, it’s a battle royale video game that is all the craze among college kids right now. Students are staying up all night playing, making it into memes and of course, playing it at campus bars occasionally. So the next time you win in Fortnite, it’s fair to compare yourself to beating a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

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fortnite best skins so far


Lewis Hamilton ‘up all night’ playing Fortnite video game

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has become one of many celebrities enthralled by the video game Fortnite. According to Mercedes driver, he played the game for the first time and still found himself playing the game until 5am the following morning. Celebs such as Joe Jonas, Travis Scott and Drake have been known to be avid players of the game according to Esquire.

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Maker of hit game ‘Fortnite’ faces copyright lawsuit

The companies behind two of the world’s most popular video games are squaring off in court. The game’s features have been embraced by rivals, prompting earlier legal action. Epic Games didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. Both companies are also partly owned by Tencent Holdings, China’s internet giant.

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Tfue Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Tfue is a professional streamer on the platform Twitch. Tfue sensitivity is relativity low compared to some of the other pro players. His building skills and aim are amazing as seen on his YouTube channel. He’s using the Finalmouse Ultralight Pro mouse that he recently switched to from the Logitch G Pro.

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Upcoming cosmetics found in v4.3.0 files

The files for v4.3.0 have been datamined to reveal new cosmetics which we should expect to see over the coming weeks. The names should be ‘Baller’, ‘Boogie Down’, ‘Laugh it Up’ and ‘Rambunctious’. All of them are Rare other than Boogie Down which is Epic.

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