Parents Just Don’t Understand Fortnite craze

If the school holidays meant kids at your place vying for time on the couch to play computer game Fortnite don’t worry you’re not alone. Fortnite is the latest gaming craze sweeping the globe and is contributing to eSport becoming so popular. The game sees people battling it out online to be the last person standing in a battle royale format that encourages players to team up and play in a social way. Since its launch last September people have flocked to play the fast moving fight for survival, even catching the eye of the International Olympic Committee. With the recent success of eSports around the globe the IOC is looking at including them in the Olympics at some point in the future.

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Parents Just Don't Understand Fortnite crazeFortnite is coming to mobile with cross-platform play

Not content with its growing popularity on consoles and PC, Epic Games has announced that its battle royale hit Fortnite is also coming to iOS and Android mobile devices. A further announcement confirmed the Xbox One would be included too. So no matter which of these platforms you’re playing on you’ll be able to team up with your friends and play together as well as carry your wins over. We already know that cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox is possible with Fortnite, and we also know that Microsoft has expressed interest in making cross-play between console possible. It’s still not possible to connect games between the two big consoles: Xbox One and PS4.

Players on both those devices can join in games with friends on PC, iOS and Android, however.

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Player wins Fortnite match with an astounding 43 kills

A lot of the appeal of the battle royale genre is how casually you can enter any given match and possibly win. Teeqzy managed to wrack up an incredible kill count of 43 before securing a win in Fortnite. To put that into perspective for those of you who don’t play, that’s nearly half of the 100 people in the match. They saved it all in clip form and it’s only 18 minutes long, just in case you want to see what top-level play is like in a relatively short amount of time. Again, the mere idea of battling 99 other players and coming out on top in the time it takes for a 15 minute break, on your cell phone no less, is part of the reason why people are playing this genre.

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