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AVGL and DreamHack Austin Main Stage Mayhem

Collegiate Star League eSports
The top two teams will travel to DreamHack Austin to play on the Main Stage. Then a round-robin format will occur throughout the group stage where the top two teams from each group will enter the playoff stages of the tournament, with the top teams will be determined by overall match score. The playoff stage will feature a single elimination bracket that will narrow down the competition two just two teams. Each of the two teams will then be given $1500 for flights/transportation while the hotel will be covered.

The finalists will receive awesomeness like 3-day tickets for DreamHack Austin on June 1st-3rd, hot dogs and snacks, accolades, and other perks, with the finals to be played on the Main Stage at DreamHack Austin and streamed on Twitch. When signing up, teams are allowed to have a maximum of seven players. If the coach is not a student, they cannot play in a match. If they are a student, they must be on the roster or they will not be able to compete!   Get lit!!

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Source: http://www.vpesports.com/league-of-legends/avgl-and-dreamhack-announce-collegiate-league-of-legends-tournament/


Justin Bragg Hired as Head Coach of Esports

Illinois College is pleased to announce the hiring of Justin Bragg as the head coach of esports. Bragg will begin his duties at IC on Oct. 16. Illinois College will debut its esports team this year, playing League of Legends. Bragg has been playing five years of League of Legends, and has competed in the Master/Challenger tier for the past two seasons.

He has coached people in one-on-one settings as well, having been reached out to due to his ranking. In his five years playing the game, and especially in the past three years, Bragg has played with and against many North American professionals including Sneaky, Jensen, Pobelter and Bjergsen. A native of the Chicago area, Bragg graduated from the University of Illinois in 2014 with a degree in Recreation, Sport and Tourism.

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Source: https://www.illinoiscollegeathletics.com/news/2017/10/13/general-justin-bragg-hired-as-head-coach-of-esports.aspx

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RIT Dota 2 team wins Collegiate Starleague Grand Championship in California

Rochester Institute of Technology is securing its legacy as one of the best colleges in esports after winning its first Collegiate Starleague Dota 2 Grand Finals Championship April 28. The student team beat silly a bracket of 32 top universities, battling on stage in front of more than 200 fans in-person and thousands more online, to take home the $10,000, a championship ring, and bragging rights. The team also made it to the finals of the American Video Game League’s April Anarchy, in early April. The RIT team flew to Huntington Beach, Calif., to take on McMaster University in the final four of the CSL Grand Finals. After winning the series 2-1, RIT moved onto the finals where they beat University of California, Davis.

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Source: https://www.rit.edu/news/story.php?id=66786