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Don’t Throw Out Those Textbooks Just Yet!

This Ohio University Is Offering A Fortnite eSports Scholarship

Your Fortnite: Battle Royale skills could get you a lot more than an umbrella. Ashland University is offering esports scholarships up to $4,000 to Fortnite: Battle Royale players. Ashland University is the first college to add Fortnite to its program. The college already boasts League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rocket League teams. They plan to build a gaming center on the bottom floor of their library that would include twenty five gaming stations.

The college has already obtained sponsorships from OPSEAT and Sloth Esports, and continues to search for others. The growth of eSports scholarships has been slow and steady – Robert Morris University, Illinois in Chicago was the first university to include a scholarship-sponsored esports team in 2014, and there are currently over 50 private and public colleges and universities throughout the United States that offer similar programs.

Don’t throw out those textbooks just yet, though.  While plenty of parents dream of their children cashing in on an eSports scholarship, before you get your hopes up you need to understand the hard realities of winning these awards.  The odds of winning a NCAA sports scholarship are less than winning a Fortnite battle against superstar Ninja.  Less than 2 percent of high school athletes win sports scholarships every year at NCAA colleges and universities. There are only six sports where all the scholarships are full ride. None of them are for eSports.

Here’s how it works:  the real head-count sports are football, men and women’s basketball, and women’s gymnastics, volleyball, and tennis. NCAA rules dictate how much money a program, such as lacrosse or track or even eSports, can spend on scholarships. Coaches can slice and dice these awards as they choose, which can lead to awfully small scholarships for non head-count sports. Coaches may tell teenagers that they have lots of scholarship money to divvy out, but prospects shouldn’t assume that they will be the recipients.   So eSports, which is on the rise but is still in it’s infancy, is hard-pressed to get those coveted “full ride” scholarships to colleges.

esports college scholarships


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LVMS, Dream Racing to provide e-sports lounge for NASCAR fans

Having a Neon Garage pass just got even more appealing. Las Vegas Motor Speedway is teaming with Dream Racing to provide NASCAR fans a unique and fun experience during this spring’s Pennzoil 400 weekend. Fans who have purchased passes to the track’s wildly popular Neon Garage in the superspeedway’s infield will have the added treat of enjoying the Dream Racing Game Garage. Set up in the red section of the 125,000-square foot facility, the e-sports lounge will be equipped with several of Dream Racing’s driving simulators, giving fans a chance to get behind the wheel of a virtual race car and turn laps on the screen. Neon Garage pass holders can strap into a simulator and play the NASCAR Heat 2 video game before they enjoy racing on the track throughout the March 2-4 weekend.

Children 12 and under are admitted free into the Neon Garage when accompanied by an adult with a Neon Garage pass. They must pick up their free passes at an LVMS ticket booth located throughout the property before entering the Neon Garage. Various ticket packages, fun extras and special-access passes for LVMS’ first NASCAR weekend of the year are available at www. or by calling 1-800-644-4444..

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