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UK CS:GO rocked by cheating and drug use

The UK CSGO scene has been pretty crazy this past week, with one player being banned for cheating and another admitting to taking drugs at epic. According to Matt Litherland of Vatic, Charlie apparently was smoking marijuana, snorting cocaine and drinking at epic. While Charlie has since publicly admitted the drug use to the UK CSGO Scene Facebook group and in a tweet, he has refuted some of Matt’s claims. It’s worth pointing out there is no proof of Matt’s claims that we’re aware of. He has admitted he had ‘serious drug issues’ but says he has taken some rehab-type sessions to sort himself out.

While he said he was in full control while on drugs, he admitted it was wrong. Vatic have also dropped their CSGO roster entirely following ‘several weeks of inactivity’ – and are now on the lookout for a new line-up. You can check out a video of the moment he gets banned below, along with a picture of his ESL page and a tweet confirming it. Joee has since received a VAC ban and a ban from Multiplay for all Insomnia events for a year. Unbelievably, Joee said cheating ‘was worth the risk’.

The UK scene isn’t the most well-respected area of eSports at the best of times, so to report on news like this is disappointing, but it’s part of eSports, just as illegal drug use is still around in athletics and cycling. Cheaters in my opinion must be punished accordingly, to send a message to anyone else out there who’s cheating and getting away with it, or anyone else thinking of cheating.

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Source: http://www.esports-news.co.uk/2016/08/10/csgo-players-drugs-cheating/

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Insults Turkey, Causes AMD Video Cards to Crash

While the company was once known for its fantastic first-person shooters such as Half-Life and Team Fortress, these days it’s known for Steam. The company will develop and publish the odd game or two such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While the former got a massive rehaul, the latter just received a new update called Operation Wildfire. For starters, one of the community created maps that comes with it has been deemed racist and insulting by its Turkish players. The map, called Mikla was subject to grievances galore.

Avid Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players flocked to Reddit to express their outrage. Defacing a renowned Turkish historical figure, President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk aside, the map is home to many an inaccuracy and stereotype. At the time of writing this, Valve has removed the map from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Steam Workshop. The fact that Mikla was included in an official update indicates that someone in the company may have at least gone through the map once before green lighting it to be a part of Operation Wildfire. Those running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on AMD video cards have reported frequent crashing.

Be it high-end GPUs like the Fury X or low-end chips such as the R9 270x, the game is nearly unplayable after the latest update. The shoddy content moderation and poor performance for PCs with AMD video cards possibly implies a rushed development and production pipeline for Operation Wildfire.

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Source: https://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/counter-strike-global-offensive-update-insults-turkey-causes-amd-video-cards-to-crash-804355