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Controversy in India, Illegal Gambling in CSGO

Controversy Erupts Over the First CSGO Match of the ESL India

The first day of the ESL India Premiership started out as a clash of the two big titans, 2ez Gaming and Entity Gaming in a match of CSGO, a battle to the very end. A controversy erupted during the match, which forced a drastic response from the organizers. During the match, Prashant ‘Aequitas’ Prabhakar, the coach of Entity Gaming, was present in a secondary GOTV server with a minor delay, which allowed him to spectate the match live. His intentions, while they may have been forthright, could have given his team an unfair advantage or a tactical edge in their match, whcih they won 16-13 against 2ez Gaming.  Aequitas, who was a part of Sostronk, the server provider for the ESL India Premiership, said he had used his admin powers to get into the GOTV server, a clear violation of the rules of engagement in eSports.

Rules state that coaches are not allowed to join an active CSGO server, and the judges reversed the scores, awarding 2ez Gaming a win over Entity Gaming.  They also issued stern instructions to Sostronk to disable admin privileges for everyone except the personnel approved by the ESL India management in writing.  Savage!

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Source: http://www.indiannoob.in/controversy-erupts-over-the-first-csgo-match-of-the-esl-india-premiership/

CS:GO Counterstrike Controversy in IndiaYouTubers promoted their own CS:GO gambling site without disclosure

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling melodrama deepens with revelation of YouTubers involvement in CS:GO gambling site. The discovery was made by YouTuber HonorTheCall, who found out that Martin is the director of the site, while Cassell is the vice president. The pair are claiming that their involvement has never been hidden from their audience, but h3h3 Productions’ research team found no mention in either YouTuber’s videos – or the accompanying descriptions – that they were owners of the site. Martin has insisted that he wasn’t affiliated with the site when he initially began promoting it, but the company charter shown in the video above makes it quite clear that he’s telling porkies.

Another issue is that there are no age restrictions on what is essentially a gambling site. Failing to disclose their involvement with the company is in violation of YouTube’s guidelines, and despite retroactively amending their video descriptions to state their interest, we’ve yet to see whether or not YouTube are going to act on this. Take a look at the video for a more detailed description of how it all went down.

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Source: https://www.vg247.com/2016/07/04/youtubers-promoted-their-own-csgo-gambling-site-without-disclosure/


Ex-Dignitas ‘CS:GO’ squad has a new home under Danish soccer club

Team Dignitas’s former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster has been picked up by a brand new esports organization just two weeks after leaving Dignitas. North – an esports organization formed in partnership between Danish soccer club F.C. Copenhagen and Danish film studio Nordisk Film – picked up the five Danish players Tuesday as its flagship esports team. The new North roster had a lackluster 2016 until they were joined by MagiskB0y in July, which kicked off their ascent into the top tier of CS:GO teams. The squad took first place at Epicenter 2016 with wins over Fnatic, Na’Vi and Virtus, and placed in the top eight of ELeague Season 2 and ECS Season 2. The players also qualified for the ELeague Major Dec. 18 – and then parted ways with Team Dignitas the next day. Their first scheduled appearance under their new name will be at the ELeague Major in January. North doesn’t plan to stop at just a CS:GO team. Team Dignitas was acquired by the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers in September and announced in December that it would be building a North American CS:GO roster after the Danish players departed.

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Source: https://mashable.com/2017/01/03/dignitas-north-csgo/