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Beam me up another scammer

It seems there is always some kind of Twitch streaming controversy going on. Most recently, a popular Counter-Strike: GO gambling streamer got the ban hammer amid an ongoing controversy revolving around video game gambling sites like CS:GO Lotto. That being said, there’s never been a Twitch controversy quite like this. He was in the middle of conducting a Counter-Strike: GO weapon skin giveaway, talking like usual with viewers in the chat room, and then, he suddenly vanishes without a trace. Golden lights appear around him, and the familiar Star Trek transporter sound plays.

Watching the moment the chat realizes he isn’t coming back is priceless. Some viewers joked that he had been banned from the streaming site, while others called for the streamer’s cat to take the reigns. Twitch is, at its core, about entertaining an audience, and pulling a surprise special effects prank like this is certainly one way to get people talking.

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Source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/170728/20160720/this-twitch-streamer-was-beamed-up-live-on-air-star-trek-style.htm

CS:GO commentator temporarily steps back from eSports scene amid controversy

Moments after taunting a friend with racist remarks, Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett directed community member Don Haci to kill himself. Haci took to Twitter to post the clip of the incident, while the full livestream is no longer available for viewing. As of now, Trivett’s future remains uncertain within the commentating scene, with his temporary leave of absence being entirely voluntary. For now, he will weigh up his options and self-reflect to ensure that he sets a better example whether that be personally or within the public eye. Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

KitGuru Says: Professionals within the gaming scene have certainly seen an ugly side recently, emanating hatred in a very unprofessional manner. Trivett’s long-winded apology is unrelenting and pulls no punches in the criticism of his own actions, and his commentary on the responsibility of professionals the community is similarly thought provoking.

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Source: https://www.kitguru.net/gaming/damien-cox/csgo-commentator-temporarily-steps-back-from-esports-scene-amid-controversy/

cs go controversy Beam me up another scammer

kNgV-: “Some players preferred Immortals over the team”

kNgV revealed that, upon returning from Malmö with the team, he was denied entry into the United States by the Immigration services after they discovered that he was being paid by Immortals while staying in the country under a tourist visa. Regarding the night before the DreamHack Montreal final, in which Immortals forfeited the first map after arriving late at the venue, kNgV- rejected suggestions that he, LUCAS1 and HEN1 were partying. kNgV also lamented the way that Immortals CEO Noah Whinston publicly handled his case. Following kNgV-‘s departure, twin brothers HEN1 and LUCAS1 both asked to be allowed to leave the team, which forced Immortals to withdraw from the EPICENTER qualifier. In a Reddit post, Mr. Whinston has revealed that he will make a public statement about the CS:GO team on Friday.

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Source: https://www.hltv.org/news/21558/kngv-some-players-preferred-immortals-over-the-team

Riot Responds to Kai’Sa’s Void Suit Controversy

One of the biggest controversies as of late in League of Legends is the character model of Kai’Sa, League’s newest champion. Specifically, fans of the game are going after Riot for over sexualizing the female character. When you look at the photo of Kai’Sa, the obvious matter at hand is the deep neckline in her suit. So now that the problem has been identified as not being able to tell if Kai’Sa is a Void creature that’s been corrupted as a human or a human that’s just wearing a Void suit, the artists went to work and discovered that only one thing was able to create a clear cut definition of what Kai’Sa actually is. While the community is still outraged, Riot has come out with a clean sheet and explained why they created Kai’Sa’s model the way they did.

At the end of the day, transparency is all you can ask for with a video game developer and Riot has provided that with their explanation here.

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Source: https://www.vpesports.com/league-of-legends/riot-responds-to-kaisas-void-suit-controversy-neckline-sexualize/